Lost Phone

11 11 2009

So I went to the Food Handlers class last night, and on the way home stuck my phone in my jacket pocket rather than my pants pocket, and apparently it slipped out on the bus. Lost and found doesn’t have it yet, but the lady said it can take a couple days for stuff to get to her, so I’ll try again tomorrow, but for the time being, I haven’t got a phone. If you need to get ahold of me there are a couple options. I can still get messages left on my phone, so you can always leave a voice mail and I’ll call you back from the BF’s phone. You can ask for the BF’s number, and I’ll get it to you. And you can send text messages to 801 410 0324 and I’ll get those as well. I’ll keep yall updated when I’ve got more news.

Still Here

9 11 2009

I am still here, I promise. I’m sorry that I’ve been lax on posting. A good friend sent me the link to a video of an adorable little girl telling a fanciful story in French, and then I started poking around the rest of the site, which bills itself as a family-friendly place for videos. I then lost two days of my life. :D Without further ado, I heartily recommend wimp.com. Enjoy!

Lovely Autumn Day

4 11 2009

Today has been absolutely fantastic. I woke up nice and early with the sun streaming in through the windows. I love having an east-facing bedroom. It makes waking up so much easier. Since it was early, and relatively nice, I actually got myself out for a walk. I want to get back into my running, but I’m going to take it nice and slow, so today was just a brisk walk around the park, with just one minute of gentle jogging thrown in.

Then I took a shower, ate breakfast, puttered the net, and had a nice relaxed morning. I got another load of laundry done, and got my sheets washed. I will say, sun and wind dried sheets are the very best smelling things ever. I like line drying my clothes, but I have to admit, there are some days I really wish we had a working dryer. Especially for the wrinkles. I totally reconnected with my love of ironing today as I tried to get some of our clean stuff put away.

All in all, an uneventful day. Keep your fingers crossed for jobs for the BF and I.

Just to get it in

3 11 2009

I’m not actively trying for a post a day, but I figure it’s not a bad goal to aspire to. So here is my sad, pathetic little post for the day. I also got a little over 4000 words written for my last minute attempt at NaNoWriMo. Wish me luck!

Google Wave

2 11 2009

I just got my Google Wave invite. I’ve got invites to send out to other peeps if they’re interested. Watch the overview, and tell me if you’d like one. :D


1 11 2009

I’m not exactly sure about this venture, but I figured hell why not. A year and a day ago, I put this blog to rest. Today, I’m bringing it back to life. I don’t know if anyone still has this in their feed, or checks it at all. I’m not even sure what I’m going to write about, but it’s here, I’m here, and I’ll write something. Leave me a message if any of you all still poke your noses in once in a while.

The End

31 12 2008

At least for the time being, I’m done posting here. It’s been a crazy year, with lots of ups and downs, and I’m sure the next year will be more of the same. Ups, downs, good times and bad. However, the reasons I had for writing here all pretty much no longer exist. So it is with happy anticipation for awesomeness in the future that I say farewell to whoever may be left. I believe everyone who still reads this blog has some way to get ahold of me. With maybe one exception, but he should know he’s always welcome to drop me a line, or a call, or whatever.


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